4 Illegal Dispensaries Shut Down In San Diego

4 Illegal Dispensaries Shut Down In San Diego

Police in San Diego has started to strike hard on illegal marijuana dispensaries as the parts of U.S. has started to raise their voice for legalization of marijuana and against illegal practice of marijuana sales across the country. On Tuesday, the attorney’s office declared that marijuana dispensaries which are operating illegally in San Diego, is in the process to be shut down. Four such dispensaries has already been closed by the police, according to the city council’s announcement this Tuesday. .
The dispensaries which has been shut down, fell short to produce any permit obeying zoning regulations where they operated. As a result, the court ordered those dispensaries to immediately shut down and close. These four dispensaries are :


  • Planet Greens, located near pacific Beach, addressed at 936 Garnet Avenue.
  • In same pacific beach, Dank on Turquoise, addressed at 841 Turquoise St.
  • Kindest Meds near Mission Valley, addressed at 3455 Camino del Rio Street.
  • In Mount Hope, at 4255 Market St., the dispensary named Market Greens.

Jan Goldsmith, the famous City Attorney, said that this law enforcement will provide safety to neighborhood around those dispensaries, and will also ensure all dispensaries running through the city has all permits and legal papers, like any business needs to run legally. The zoning regulation is to be strictly followed by other dispensaries as the city council is first targeting the stores which are falling short to produce it.
Earlier this year, city council adopted a process that permits to open such stores legally with valid zoning permit, the first permit started in the lands near Brown Field, and then spread through the city, which all business owners needed to follow. But many business, specially a huge numbers of marijuana shops are operating illegally across the city, which has been repeatedly reported by the neighbors living near those dispensaries. A city official confirmed the news and said they are in the process of obtaining court order and shutting down such marijuana dispensaries on a regular basis. The number of cases where neighbors living near illegal dispensaries and complaining against those ill practices are around 45, with two third of them have gone ahead and also closed down.


Apart from these, there are many illegally operating dispensaries in San Diego, according to city attorney Jan Goldsmith, and these dispensaries has not been reported by the neighbors. He explained there has been reasons such as these dispensaries are away from inhabitant population so no charges have been brought to them so far and are not being prosecuted right now. But all the dispensaries like these, which are practicing illegally but not under prosecution, will be visited by Code Enforcement Division and Police Department of San Diego, and will be in the light of justice, sooner or later. And when they are reported by the law enforcement division, will also be prosecuted like others and court order will be released to shut them down permanently to stop them from selling marijuana illegally. People of the city of San Diego has welcomed this step of city’s law enforcement division and helping them to stop the malpractice.


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