Top 5 Most Underpaid Jobs

Top 5 Most Underpaid Jobs

 1. Police Officer

This is definitely the most underpaid profession one could work. Any job where you are putting your life and well-being at risk and you are dealing with criminals, is worth $200K per year as far as I am concerned. On top of it, with the way things have become these days, a police officer needs to have the knowledge of a judge or a lawyer as well. They need to know exactly what the law is and whether they can or cannot arrest someone. They also need to know how to operate within the law themselves so they don’t lose their jobs or end up in jail because they were too rough with someone or said the wrong thing to someone. Can you imagine having to pull people over for speeding every day with the thought always in the back of your mind that this person could pull a gun on you? The heck with that. This is one underpaid profession.



All disciplines of engineering from electrical to mechanical to software are grossly underpaid professions. The college undergraduate degrees for these professions are the hardest programs to go through within most colleges. It is like going to medical school, except it’s not to study medicine. The programs for engineering are very rigorous, and if any individual has ever found an engineering program easy, then it is a shame they didn’t become a surgeon instead. Once a person has made it through an engineering program, they go out into the job market only to find out they are competing against cheap foreign labor. Once they finally land a job, they eventually find out their peers that were sales and marketing majors in school are making more money. And the anguish continues. Working as an engineer is extremely hard work. It is always challenging, high pressure, constant problem solving, a constant learning curve, boring people to work with, incompetent managers to work under, and plenty of non-paid overtime. Meanwhile, the people who are working in sales and in management at the same companies make more money. enjoy a fairly lax work environment, and are compensated for their performance. Not only was their college experience easy going with breeze-by classes, free time, free weekends, and no hours to take their last two years of college, but their work life is fairly the same. Engineers go through education and training just as rigorous as it is to become a doctor. Their education and learning continues even further when entering the work force. In exchange, on the average, they aren’t paid that much better than a high school teacher who has summers off.

There are a select few engineers of whom have achieved Phd status, or have proven themselves enough over a period of 20 years or more that they can achieve a principal or staff level position which has the potential to pay $100K + per year. These opportunities are as available as quarterback positions on a football team. There is only room for a few. The majority of engineers enjoy a stressful environment with low pay. They are grossly under-compensated given the education and expertise they obtain throughout their careers.   In addtion, they have to work and share office space with other nerds that were shoved in their lockers in high school. These nerds will work overtime for free, essentially ruining your chance for any significant salary raises, unless you join them.  And don’t plan on joining them at the bar. Most nerd engineers have never been to a bar in their lives nor have they ever drank a beer.  Do not ever become an engineer.   But if you were one of the people always getting shoved in lockers in school, and you find it very fun and entertaining to spend your free time on weekends writing code on your computer or playing with your Tivo, then this job is for you.  (And what do I know?  I worked in this field, so that qualifies me to make these types of judgements.)

3.Jail guard

Definitely one job you couldn’t pay me enough to work. Depending on what kind of prison you are in, you are always in danger. You are occupying the same space as the low life trash of society. You have to interact with low lives. At some point, somebody is going to get out of control, so you get to spend your evening rolling around on the ground with some degenerate trying to put cuffs on him. I don’t know exactly what these people get paid, but if you go around knocking on doors in any upper class neighborhoods, you find anyone answering the door that will tell you they are a jail guard.


Ok, we all might laugh at the guy who mops and empties trash cans, but you’d have to pay me well into the six figure range to perform their work. It might be considered unskilled labor, but unclogging toilets, cleaning urine off of floors, cleaning vomit, cleaning food off of the floor, and having people look down on you is worth more than $100K per year. There is nothing fun about this job, and you only have like two other co-workers at best. So you won’t be making any friends either.

5.Public works city worker


I have actually worked one of these jobs when I was a young kid in school. Working this job, you will do anything from shoveling asphalt, weed eating, mowing, tearing up and rebuilding sidewalks, picking up trash on the side of the highway, putting up stop signs, repainting street markings, shoveling snow, and other odd types of jobs that need to be done around a city. It is year-round work, outdoors and can be physically strenuous. This typically isn’t a job you can be working if you are 50 years old. It is extremely boring work, and the days go by slow. You are watched and monitored, so slacking off can be tough. Expect only to get 30 minute lunch breaks without going a minute over. Expect to want to go to bed immediately when you get home after work, and then try to keep your eyes open every day while on the job. Working a public works city job is rather unskilled labor, but it is physically demanding and you feel like a piece of crap working it. You are wearing dirty jeans and an orange shirt every day while the rest of the general public goes to their office jobs in nice clothes with higher paychecks and air conditioning. Don’t expect to have a large retirement fund waiting for you if you retire from this lousy way of living.

So there you go. Those are amongst the most underpaid jobs in America. There are people out there who go to offices every day wearing shirts and ties that literally do nothing and receive $100K ++++ in return. By the time these individuals reach middle age, they have lower IQ’s because they never have to think or do anything which renders their brain useless. They just sit behind a desk, manage people, pretend to be busy, and attend meetings. The reason why these people earn a lot more money is simply because they are closer to the top. The person at the top has the say-so in what they will earn, and the next closest person to them will earn a lot as well. Basically, the difficulty level of a job is unrelated to compensation level. The higher you go in a company, or in a public service job, the easier your job becomes and larger your paycheck grows.